3 Tips On Picking The Best Wedding Marquee

You might be planning your wedding or your best friend’s wedding. It really doesn’t matter as either way wedding planning is not an easy affair. If you are trying to choose one for a wedding, the more difficult your task will be. Here are some tips on picking a wedding marquee:

Think about the size

The size of the wedding marquee matters so keep in mind to pick one based on how many guests you are going to have. You might find one and love the way it looks but you must pick one based on space and the number of people invited. You must think of the
Additional guests who might arrive, space for the dance floor and the catering service.

The design matters

You might be in a pickle trying to decide whether you want a modern or traditional looking design. If you want try to pick one of the several stylish looking marquees out there, you can even pick a rectangular design which has poles inside which are made up of aluminum. These designs are great for creating more space as it doesn’t require any poling inside the edges so you can use it to create a small to medium space. You can also try installing it on sand or concrete floors. These designs are great for heavy wind and snow. Traditional designs are more romantic as they have poles inside and bendable tops which give you the contemporary look. You can even try decorating the poles so that it will look eye catching in time to come.

Lovely Décor

The décor must be stunning if it is a wedding then it’s a once in a lifetime affair. It is not just enough for you to find a stunning marquee which is the right size and design but it must be decorated beautifully too. You can use linings inside the design which will have prints like butterflies and mini bugs. You can even get black lining which you can complement with a starry ceiling. Remember that certain designs must look stunning to the eye. You can try getting designs which are weatherproofed, transparent from the roof too. There are several décor ideas for you to consider but think about the theme first.

Remember to consider a design based on your wedding needs. You must pick one which is of the right size and color too so that the wedding will look effortlessly pulled together. A stunning wedding must look good, have great food and good music!