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Benefits Of LED Video Board

There was a time when advertising for any event or thing was a difficult task. In medieval ages, people use the drum to gather others and then the size of the crowd become considerable, then the message will be verbal given to them. In markets, people used to shout about their merchandise and price. Then the time comes, where printing presses make life bit better. With mass printing option available, people get their message printed on posters and those posters will be distributed or pasted to the areas of their targeted audience. This was the early medium used for advertisement. After the invention of the radio and television, the advertisement technique has been changed. But one thing remains in their older form that is target the customer in real-time with physical advertisement message. 

In past, the poster was used for the same. From the last 5 decades, the billboards were the strongest medium for advertisement. But now billboards can be said as the obsolete medium. The billboards are getting replaced rapidly with LED video boards. Whoever witnesses the magic of running video on these boards while walking on the street, will agree that this technology is the future of advertisement. Within the next decade, it is a great possibility that all the billboards be transformed into digital boards. There is some sound reason why it should be done.


After installing the conventional billboard, the owner of the board will be renting that space to a single client. Because vinyl will be mounted on the board which cannot be replaced daily. So, the board will be bound for a single client for a specific period. But with video scoreboards where you have the flexibility of running multiple video stream in different time slots. This gives the advantage to cater more client and getting more clients means getting more revenue

Opportunity Cost

One person has installed a billboard and other LED video board. Who has a better business proposition? Conventional billboard owner also has to pay taxes as the LED video board owner. Billboard will be getting the single client for a specific period and each time vinyl has to be replaced, the cost of making the vinyl is not less. Whereas for LED video board, just develop the video content and upload it on the video board, you can do for multiple clients at the same time. Even in case of the video board, your advertisement can be time-specific, which gives your client more flexibility to select the time for their advertisement, which can be more suitable as per the traffic of their target customers. 

So, what you think which investment better, conventional billboard or LED video board?  Check this link to find out more details.