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Tips For The Non-Fans On Watching Football

If you are not a huge fan of football games and would just prefer to watch a movie or your favorite TV show instead, when you get caught to an appointment with friends or family for that football game they all love can be a big headache. Then there is also the case when your significant other wants you to join her or him on their favorite game night in exchange for being with you for your favorite movie night. So here are the tips for getting the ability to participate with the crowd.

Get the researches going early

Watch an online tutorial or attend a workshop like Football 101 that run the process of the game from the basics to complex, depending on your prior knowledge. Whether you are going to the ground or watching from home, you would need to know at least the basics to have a good time at the game and not end up ruining the night for others. During the game, the AFL scoreboards will help you get along with the crowd on the score.

Dress up

There are different types of fans, from the most fanatics to the least concerned. You will need to look somewhere in the between. There are different clothes for different person but instead of dressing up in a baggy jersey and putting on jeans, make an effort as it is a night out with loved ones.

When unsure, go with the flow

Even if you want to know why exactly it is considered a goal or a kickoff or why and when and all the rookie questions will have to wait until after the crowd settles down. DO whatever your family and those around you are doing until you get a time to get your questions answered. Once the game has started you will end up getting the basic know-how of what you read online anyway. Enjoy yourself and go with the wave or start one with your side of the stadium.

AFL scoreboards

It displays everything from the score, kiss cam to the advertisements and it will be your helper when the time arises for understanding how scores are counted. A touchdown equals to six points and when a touchdown is given another bonus is given to the scoring team by a kicking which, if successful, gives extra two points. If the team does not pick kicking the ball, then they can take the ball to the opposite end zone for two points too. 

Which flag is what?

The red flag and yellow flag terms have become something of colloquial terms now in everyday conversation so you might have picked up on the terminology before you even knew the game. A red flag is a ‘coach’s challenge’ and is a sign saying that he disagrees with what the referee has given out. After reviewing if the coach is correct then the referee’s call will be nullified, and if the coach is wrong then the coach and the team both are given a timeout.

Go along with the crowd and have fun; these are the cardinal rules for a beginner in a game.